What’s the first thing that usually comes to mind when you think furniture? Plush. Yes. Comfortable. Definitely. Beautiful. Absolutely. But with SS Design, you also get Different, Seductive, and Pure. These attributes may be hard to associate with a furniture piece but SS Design turns them into a reality that is evident on every line and curve.

With over 20 years of experience, there’s no doubt that SS Design can turn an ordinary chair into something unique with pure lines, sexy curves, and a smooth feel. Combine all of them together and what you see is a chair that will tempt you to sit down, relax, and get comfortable. With SS Design, taking a seat is an experience every time.

When Swarovski opened its first boutique in the 1980s, the use of crystals extended to crystal figurines and its own brand of jewels. Today, Swarovski crystals are also used in lighting fixtures. A very enlightening development.

SS Design Production

Designer furniture has a personality and style all on their own, but SS Design’s version makes a distinction by creating pieces that invoke passion and inspire total comfort and relaxation.

Different comes in the form of design concepts that are daring with striking colours and distinct shapes. Add to this a touch of something unique but reliable, and you get a good different.

Seduction, on the other hand, goes beyond an attractive exterior. There’s appeal in every line, curve, and fibre that one glance will leave anyone spellbound.

Then, there’s purity that celebrates natural beauty down to the tiniest detail.

Pure simplicity, along with something unique and seductive enables SS Design to push past boundaries by creating products that meet the demands of even the most daring of living environments.

For this reason, SS Design has received a nomination for the German Design Award 2018 for the category Excellent Product Design. This shows that the company’s efforts and design ideas are recognised by the highest authority of the German design industry.

One of the many places where SS Design takes centre stage is Mushrooms, a restaurant in the Yakimanka District in Moscow. The establishment needed design furniture that blends and works with natural colours and a robust interior. SS Design’s Sanne chair, with and without armrests, and the Norman bar stools helped complete the image that the restaurant was going for.

Where designer furniture is needed, SS Design provides the most versatile pieces to choose from.

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