"A legacy to be proud of." These are the words with which Thonet welcomes you to their website and they truly have meaning to them. The company is one of the oldest standing furniture brands, having been founded in 1836! This company is 180 years old, something that most of us can't even comprehend. That is an enormous amount of time for a human being and Thonet knows this, they know how lucky they have been in making such great change in the world over centuries, not even decades.

Micheal Thonet was the original founder of the so-called "Bentwood" furniture company at the time, but the name Thonet quickly came in to replace that, in honor of the one who started it all. The company has always been focused on chairs and tables for office and public spaces and that shows very well on their website, where their collections are aptly named "Modern Heritage" and "Legacy", in order to separate the new from the traditional. Things have always looked up for this incredible company, who's now stronger than ever before, and the future will only look brighter and brighter, thanks to their proven methods that worked for centuries upon centuries.


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