Campeggi is a truly unique Italian company, which chose its name as a brand following what is an important acronym for them. Here's how the name rules out: "C" is their letter for "Comodità", which translates to Comfort in English, a property that speaks for itself. "A" stands for "Agilità", agility, a mental property for all the designers working at Campeggi. "M" stands for "Movimento", movement, following the lines of their products in a way that represent in fact a constant movement. "P" goes for "Pragmaticità", or pragmatism in English, which means that the company looks for use cases that are both practical and smart design wise. "E" stands for "Economicità", meaning that the company strives to deliver great products for a good price, something that everybody can afford. The double "G"s stand for "Grazia" and "Gioco", grace and playful in English, meaning that the pieces look both fun and graceful at the same time. The last letter "I" - perhaps the most important one - stands for "Imprevedibilità", or unpredictability, showing that there's no one way to do a certain thing, but rather many ways to accomplish something that is always changing, always on the move.


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