Kundalini started it's activity back in 1996. When it developed the intuition of a new typology of lamps, extremely innovative and outrageous forms of light, symptomatic of a strong identity and a product culture expression of a Universal language. Since Kundalini has been considerably successful, to the point of being in Italy and Abroad one of the most published company in its field.

Kundalini is an Italian company founded in 1996. Its success is mainly due to the famous designers that the company commissioned to create impressive lighting products. Some of the items in their collection are design ideas by Paolo Navone, Norman Foster, Karim Rashid, Zaha Hadid, and other names that contributed to Kundalini’s success.

A distinguishable feature of Kundalini lamps is functionality seamlessly integrated into unique and beautiful forms. Sculptural character is evident in every piece. These lamps are eye-catching masterpieces when turned off, and spectacular illuminations when turned on.

The use of cutting-edge technology and the choice of material is reflective of the company’s objective of providing clients with luminaires with a clean, recognisable trademark and showcases a project’s deeper meaning.

The Abyss table lamp is a fine example of such design ideas and manufacturing concept. This is why it is one of the most famous designs by Kundalini. It is made of plexiglass that can be bent in several different ways - knotted into a ball, into a geometric shape or an illuminated ring. It can be set flat on a surface or as a sculptural piece.

As innovators in the lighting industry, Kundalini continues to research on new materials and new processes in lighting manufacturing.


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