Moll is a very interesting company because it differs a lot from all the other interior design offerings. Moll is in fact all about ergonomics, both when it comes to their chair and their desk designs. They have 90+ years of experience and that shows through products that truly work and are functional; this way you know you have a trusted partner in making you feel good about working the whole day at your desk, without ruining your back.

Great design and ergonomics should always come together in a package: that's what Moll believes interior design should be like and that's a great vision to keep in mind. By making their products more and more apt to resolving important issues such as long-term back and neck problems, Moll has always taken a step forward in the game, not only providing you with eye candy, but also giving beauty a function. This function is something that all of us should be looking for in the modern office, because a company that's not able to acknowledge the benefit of ergonomics in terms of personal health in the 21st century isn't able to truly capture what trends are there for; making us more aware of our surroundings. Get yourself a Moll desk and you will never want to go back.


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