Moll is a very interesting company because it differs a lot from all the other interior design offerings. Moll is in fact all about ergonomics, both when it comes to their chair and their desk designs. They have 90+ years of experience and that shows through products that truly work and are functional; this way you know you have a trusted partner in making you feel good about working the whole day at your desk, without ruining your back.

Great design and ergonomics should always come together in a package: that's what Moll believes interior design should be like and that's a great vision to keep in mind. By making their products more and more apt to resolving important issues such as long-term back and neck problems, Moll has always taken a step forward in the game, not only providing you with eye candy, but also giving beauty a function. This function is something that all of us should be looking for in the modern office, because a company that's not able to acknowledge the benefit of ergonomics in terms of personal health in the 21st century isn't able to truly capture what trends are there for; making us more aware of our surroundings. Get yourself a Moll desk and you will never want to go back.

There are all sorts of furniture items in the market, but very few of them are designed and made for children. And while there are smaller versions available, not many of them were manufactured with the health and safety of the child in mind. This is what Moll intended to change, propelling them to worldwide recognition and success. Parents from all over the world truly appreciate what this company has introduced to the furniture industry.

The Moll History

What started out as a furniture manufacturer founded by the Moll Family in 1925 in Gruibingen, in the Swabian Alb, Moll has become an international brand and a global leader in producing expandable desks for children, ergonomic chairs, and organisational furniture pieces.

In 1974, Moll invented the first ever adjustable-height children’s desk in the world. It featured a tilting work surface that conforms to the needs of a child, and what they feel is most comfortable for them. During the 1990s, Moll has proven itself, yet again, that they are the leading manufacturer of children’s furniture. When the basic system was introduced at that time, they also created a complete system of adaptable furniture. It basically grows with a child, changing as their needs for furniture design and space also change.

From then on, Moll has been providing young clients with a complete workstation that they can use from elementary school right through to graduation. Truly an investment with amazing returns. The company also provides expansions for when you need to add a monitor or computer to a work desk.

The Moll Workmanship

Innovative design and quality are in the heart of every Moll product. Combined with attention to detail, the company gets to create unique and more flexible furniture items. Keeping in mind the reputation of products made from Germany, Moll furniture is also highly durable, which is a direct result of an attractive design and high-end production.

Non-stop research into cutting-edge development, enabled the company to design and produce ergonomic and adjustable desks, and other furniture items with clever functionality. Of course, innovative design and creativity are as much part of every Moll product in the market.

Rotafile or rotary file storage system also showcases Moll’s expertise and knowledge in organisational furniture. What makes it different from other products is the space-saving element that is always present in every Rotafile made. This is why the organisational product remains just as indispensable today, as it was 50 years ago.

Moll’s take on children’s furniture has been recognised internationally. In 2012, the company was awarded the Desk Champion.


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