Dressing tables are simple solutions to a common problem, namely the age-old question of how to prepare things neatly before going to bed and waking up with everything already laid out perfectly. All of our dressing tables come with a mirror integrated, so that you can rock your outfit in style, without losing confidence about how you look. Dressing tables come in various different sizes and designs, but the purpose remains the same throughout the entire range. If you highly value timeliness and you are the kind of person that needs to be ready before you can even open your eyes, then our offerings might be the right fit for you.

The drawers that are available with each piece let you store enough clothes to get prepared for a few days and some of our pieces even let you store your makeup right behind the mirror, so that you always have things readily available to you as soon as you wake up. Traditional designs and modern ones are completely different in the sense that the formers are usually really simple in design, with small mirrors and a few drawers, while newer ones have big, full-body mirrors with plenty of little storage areas.

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