Roberti Rattan is a fairly old Italian company, which was founded in 1959 and is still going strong today. Their products focus solely on outdoor living, which is something that is very hard to work on because of the unpredictable atmospheric conditions that have to be taken into consideration during every step of the design process. Roberti Rattan has always been looking for innovative ways to bring a more practical use of everyday furniture for outdoor use into play, essentially creating some of the most unique products in the market to this day. You see, there aren't all that many companies that focus on one specific part of interior/exterior design, they usually want it all.

What focusing on a determined niche does to your company though, is it gives it more credibility, meaning that the reputation one builds for themselves is of higher quality than the multi-branch company. Now, there are multinationals out there who can really offer a great service in all things house related, but they mostly see it as something that is required in order to comply with modern human needs. Roberti Rattan instead does what few are able to do: they take business to a personal level, engaging with clients on a long journey towards perfection.

Roberti Rattan

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