Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colour samples may appear different on different monitors and devices.

Monitors are not all calibrated equally and colour reproduction on the Internet is not precise. Since it is not possible to guarantee our online colours will look the same on all screens, we do not guarantee that what you see accurately portrays the colour of the actual sample.

We do our very best to make sure our samples are as close to the exact product as possible, but cannot guarantee that what you see is an exact sample.

If it is mission critical that the sample be exact, it is highly recommended that you order a sample where possible (not all brands post out samples) or visit the showroom first, before placing the order.

After you receive your samples, keep in mind that even the actual sample can have small colour variations from the finished product as stated by our manufacturers.

In our experience the samples on line work well when you view them across two or three different devices in order to validate them.

If they look good / appropriate on your laptop, phone and tablet, is is very unlikely that you will be disappointed with the actual finish.

Note: Just because products have the same colour name that does not mean they are the same exact colour.

Also don’t mistake the colour name to be what you may think that colour should be.

Example, just because a colour may have the name Pecan, does not mean it will necessarily look like what most people would consider to be a Pecan colour.

Please do not order using colour names as your guide.