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Large Handless Sliding Door Wardrobe by FCI London
Crystal Sliding Door Wardrobe by FCI London

Benefits of a sliding door wardrobe

The sliding door option has a myriad of benefits that make it a popular choice.

Technical superiority

Sliding doors are technically more advanced than their traditional counterparts, with a mechanism that creates seamless functionality and increased utility. With no hinges to wear out, this makes them more durable and easier to maintain.

Space maximisation

Perhaps the biggest boon of all, sliding door wardrobes don’t open outwards so are brilliant at saving space. Cosy sitting areas can be arranged directly in front of them and placing them near your bed won’t create any issues.

Functional duality

If you choose a unit with a mirror finish, not only will it give the illusion of volume, but you can also make sure you’ve dressed for success without having to go into another room to check.

Easy access

Using sliding doors to access your wardrobe means that you don’t have to manoeuvre yourself around a multitude of narrow entrances. Nor do you have to open and shut them endlessly to find what you’re looking for. Also, if your closet is shared, sectioning off one side for each of you is an uncomplicated process.

Increased capacity

Because sliding wardrobes can be fitted from floor to ceiling and directly against your walls, the internal dimensions are much bigger. This allows for a greater variety of design options that include pull-down hanging rails, recessed shelving, storage boxes and extra drawers.

Limitless configurations

Sleek and graceful, sliding door wardrobes are available in an almost infinite number of breathtaking arrangements. Choose from an array of colours and finishes to suit your taste. Handles can either be recessed or used as design features, allowing you to select whatever you fancy to fit in with your existing aesthetics. To top it all, the interiors can be designed to accommodate your every need, making them fully customisable from scratch.

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FAQs for contemporary sliding door wardrobes

How much do sliding door wardrobes cost?

We have a handy cost calculator just below that will answer this question. Fill in as many details as you can and get an instant quote.

Can I fit sliding doors along a sloped ceiling?

Yes, you can. This process generally requires a frame or special brackets which we can supply. Our installation team is highly experienced in fitting wardrobes in all sorts of strange spaces - whatever your request, we can create a solution to match.

What are the benefits of sliding doors over hinged doors?

Our sliding door wardrobes are carefully made to measure and we won't leave unusable gaps between your wardrobe and the wall or ceiling. This, plus the sliding door mechanism instead of hinged doors, all serve to save on space in your room.

How long does it take to install a sliding door wardrobe?

Even the largest and most complicated installations can usually be done in one day. Our experienced installation team will give you an estimate once your order is ready to deliver.

Do you have sliding door wardrobes in your showroom?

Yes, we have a range of wardrobes that we can show you, including many of the finishes and other options that we explain here. Pop in and visit us and we’ll take you on a tour, then we’ll discuss your requirements over a cup of freshly brewed Italian roast.

Chat to us and let our team bring your sliding door wardrobe design to life.

Offset Wardrobe by FCI London
Navy Blue Wardrobe by FCI London
Custom Built Sliding Door Wardrobes

Bring efficient luxury into your room with a bespoke sliding door wardrobe. With over 35 years’ experience in custom creating sliding door wardrobes, we offer intelligent configurations and adjustable frames to optimise your storage space without compromising on style. Let our expert designers plan the perfect wardrobe for those rooms where you need a space-saving solution with a sleek look and feel.

A sliding door wardrobe is the ideal space-saving storage solution, particularly if your room has no space for standard hinged doors. A wardrobe with sliding doors leaves your room feeling open while giving you ample storage to keep your clothes and accessories well organised.

Our sliding door wardrobes are completely bespoke and made to meet your exact preferences and style. The absence of tracks gives this wardrobe a sleek look and feel. With advice from our expert designers, you can choose from a nearly unlimited range of interiors including rails, shelving, drawers and hanging rails to optimise your storage space.

We have a vast array of door finishes, door handles, colours and materials, giving you complete freedom to create a sliding door wardrobe that's unique to you. Our design team will help you decide which ones work best with the wardrobe design you've chosen.

Flexibility and the highest quality craftsmanship are evident in every wardrobe we design. We work with you to ensure your wardrobe design showcases every detail you want and meets every storage requirement you have.

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