Enrico Pellizzoni as a company produces leather furniture, chairs and armchairs that require a lot of attention to detail. The company is almost one hundred years old and their expertise in processing hides and leather really shows when thinking about the time spent trying to perfect this craft. Enrico Pellizzoni succeeded in doing that, making artisanal furniture that not only looks good but lasts a long time. The great tradition of the "Made in Italy" products is what drives the company forward. Innovative technologies and amazing partnerships in Italy have allowed them to gain global recognition. In fact, their work is inspired by both Italian and International designers.

Every single Pellizzoni product is hand finished by skilled and highly specialised craftsmen. Pellizzoni products appear in showrooms all over the world and they are acknowledged from customers who live in many different countries. Pellizzoni's distribution network reaches customers at global scale and it does so maintaining a good long-term relationship between client and company, even when separated by long distances. Overall, Pellizzoni is a leather company that really speaks for itself when it comes down to quality of the product and customer service.

Enrico Pellizzoni

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