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London's largest luxury built-in wardrobe showroom. Given our attention to detail and expertise, we can provide you with built in wardrobes that meet your storage needs and complement the aesthetics of your home. Our designers and installers have the skills and experience necessary to create bespoke wardrobe solutions that will suit your home based on functionality and style.

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Custom Built-In Wardrobes

With our penchant for exquisite design and attention to detail, we can you built-in wardrobes for all your storage needs. We offer a range of premium, Italian-made wardrobe systems available exclusively through our showroom. If you are looking for that extra touch of grandeur to store your most beloved accessories and fashion - or anything you want really - we can design a built-in wardrobe to suit your function and style.

Built-in wardrobes not only exude luxury but also represent a lifestyle that honours personal space. It has the flexibility to be installed in any area of home - bedroom, dressing room, laundry room or even a playroom to provide storage for your clothes, bags, shoes, linen, towels, the list goes on.

These wardrobes systems are exceptionally versatile, functional and are designed to offer storage flexibility whatever your need is. We offer an immersive palette of design options with adjustable framing for the utmost in durability and storage optimisation. Just because your built-in wardrobe is functional, it doesn't mean it can't be beautiful.

You are spoilt for choice with our limitless interior detailing. These include hanging racks, hideaway cabine., baske., belt racks, pull-out shelves and so much more. With over 200 finishes and 100 door styles, you can create any customisation for your desired built-in wardrobe.

Built-in wardrobes are uniquely customisable and can be designed with hinged or sliding doors if you're short of space. Endless exterior choices include glass, laminates, mirrored, polyurethane, louvred and aluminium. Much like everything in life, each of these is best-suited for certain rooms, ventilation and so forth. Our expert designers are on hand to help you choose the right materials based on factors that are unique to you.

Our award-winning designers have the right skills and expertise to help you design the dreamiest built-wardrobe for your home.

A built in wardrobe can be utilised in multiple spaces in your home. It can be installed in the bedroom and used as storage for your clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories. It can be installed in the laundry room and provide storage space for towels, blankets, linens and even cleaning products. It can be installed in the office and used as a book shelf or for holding office supplies. Simply put, built in wardrobes are versatile storage solutions.

There are also plenty of design choices. Our experienced outfitters and installers can provide a product with adjustable, flexible frames that ensure durability and longevity, and the appropriate inserts to optimise interior storage space. A built in wardrobe can be fitted with fixed, pull-out and adjustable shelves; hanging racks, belt racks, hideaway cabinets, shoe racks and baskets.

A built in wardrobe can be built with hinged doors or sliding doors and can therefore be used in areas where space is limited. There is also a choice of materials for the doors, such as glass, timber, laminates, mirrored, louvered, aluminium and polyurethane. Each of these options have their share of pros and cons, and our expert designers can help you make the right choice based on different factors and considerations.

Built in wardrobes throughout your home can have a similar design, colour, and finish, or they can be customised according to the individual style and look of a particular room. The number of wardrobe options we offer are endless and coupled with our experience and expertise, we can accommodate your needs and take on any challenge you present to us. Even in the smallest of spaces, a built in wardrobe can be designed and installed.

All it takes is the right skills and knowledge to make what seems to be impossible possible. Let us help you organise your home with our high quality and aesthetically pleasing built in wardrobes.

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