Best Corner Wardrobe Designs For Your Room

Best Corner Wardrobe Designs For Your Room - Corner wardrobes are increasingly becoming a popular option for many people, not only for their ability to help save space but also their aesthetic value. You can request the designer to fit the sliding doors with a reflective mirror so that each time you get to the room. read more

Different Ways Of Designing Your Living Room

The living room should be a comfortable place for everyone inside the house; it’s where both the host and guest relax. Some call it the living room, sitting room, or a lounge. The design you pick for the living room will be determined by your inspiration and size of...

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5 Latest Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedrooms

Do you have small rooms at your home, where you want fit in wardrobes designs as you like? Wardrobes are of different types which can set up based on the your expectation and space you. Here, we show you how this can be done for your small bedrooms. Floor-to-Ceiling:...

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Luxury Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures will be determined by your individual taste and preferences, size of your bathroom, and the budget at your disposal. Here in London, fci is your trusted supplier and installer of original and high quality bathroom lighting fixtures. read more

Modern Wardrobe Designs For Bedroom

The bedroom is a room created purposely for relaxing and unwinding. If it doesn't have the best fitting design and right furniture, it can be a place you dread to go in. Another thing that makes a bedroom feel more complete, is the presence of a wardrobe....

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Ideas For Bedroom Lighting Setup

Best Lighting Setup Ideas For Your Bedroom. We show you the varieties in lighting that will make your bedroom as the best place for relaxation. The different rooms in your house need good lighting with specific functionality that equals physical and mental state. read more

Home Office Design Ideas Trending Today

Trending Today - The Best Home Office Set Up and Designs in London. You’ll need more personal discipline in order to be as productive at home as you would in an office; but again, this discipline is determined largely by your work station; a neat and comfy home office design will inspire and encourage you to work more. read more
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