Bover is a medium sized company, originally founded in Barcelona in 1996. Their expertise lies in making lighting exciting for the modern human being, while also achieving timeless design. What they offer is a collection of incredible lamps and lighting products that not only give a classy flair to any environment, but also work as great examples of how light should be handled. Their designs allow to control light in a way that has never been seen before, while also preserving a true to life vision. Bover provides for both indoor and outdoor lighting, with overhead lamps, floor lamps and tabletop lamps that offer great capabilities both in terms of visual cues and actual visibility.

These products are all tested in Bover's laboratories, where experts always look for the best properties of a certain design, over those of some others. You can expect classy and minimalistic work from them, no over the top pieces. The team has been able to expand over the years and they have opened a new office in Atlanta to better serve the American market. The team is comprised of 25 highly skilled individuals that take their time to bring their best work into play.

No one described lighting design better than the founder of Barcelona-based Bover, Joana Bover. According to her “Design is the process that enables us to reflect and analyze the product features and benefits”. This level of attention to detail is evident in every piece of Bover lighting product, making them perfect accessories to illuminate your home.

The Bover History

Bover was founded, almost by accident, by Joana Bover in 1996 in Barcelona, Spain. She sketched out a lamp on a napkin that an architect friend used for one of his projects. Following the success of that project, more people approached Joana Bover about designing lighting for them.

Her strong belief in timeless design, the rights of the designers, and achieving a balance between quality and price have pushed the brand forward. What started as a sketch on a paper tablecloth has now become a world-renowned provider of architectural and modern lights.

The Bover Craftsmanship

Bover lighting is a reflection of the creativity, culture and innovation of Spain. It follows a modern look with a hint of classic and romance, made possible with a choice of superior materials used, and unique details incorporated to each masterpiece.

Collaboration with designers from different parts of the world resulted in lighting products that are of high quality and superior construction. Some of these designers include Jorge Pensi, Lluís Porqueras, Sergi & Oscar Devesa and Benedetta Tagliabue.

Some of the most amazing pieces from Bover include the Slam collection, Fora Collection, Cornella Chandelier, and the Dome LED Pendant.


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