Summer days are long and warm, with the occasional steamy weather begging you to lie down and sunbathe as much as possible. This is where our sun loungers come in, with varied designs that come from all over the European scene and beyond. As always, we at FCI London are proud of our heritage, thanks to the 30+ years of expertise and knowledge that we've been able to gather, so that you can enjoy a special piece of design that's custom fit to your needs. There is nothing quite as important as being in a comfortable state in life, and our sun loungers make sure that you feel that way at all times. You can place them by the pool, or simply surround yourself with grassy areas to be closer to nature, hence feeling more relaxed.

Our offerings represent the best quality currently available on the market, with some design pieces that look extremely futuristic and some which are more traditional. Either way, there is so much you can do with one of our pieces and you can enjoy great design in well-built packages, made specifically with the modern person in mind. If you love spending time outside and you care about the health of your skin, you should truly consider hopping over to our showroom and checking out some of the models we currently have on display. We will do our best to help you in your search.

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