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Walk In Wardrobes store in London

We provide walk in wardrobes that are built to the highest quality standards, guaranteeing durability and longevity, and designed to meet the exact needs of our clients. Designed and produced in modern factories using state-of-the-art equipment, you are assured of an exceptional walk in wardrobe that will make a superb functional and stylish addition into your bedroom.

One of the benefits of a walk in wardrobe is that it can be designed and installed no matter how small or tight a space may be. If a huge wardrobe matters more to you than anything else, who's to stop you from having one built? With the help of our expert designers and installers, anything is possible.

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Regardless of the size, walk in wardrobes can have plenty of storage room when the right inserts and interior configurations are used. Our team of builders are savvy with bespoke shelving and in combining a wide range of fixtures for better organisation. Hooks and tie racks can be added for your bags, scarves, belts or ties. Interior dividers can be installed inside drawers to keep socks, ties or stockings organised. If that is not enough, retractable wardrobe accessories or a shoe carousel can also be installed.

Special additions can also added to ensure convenience and ease of use of your walk in wardrobe. Sensor lighting can also be installed, whether to activate ambient light or pendant lighting in specific areas.

When it comes to design, your options include walk in, corner walk in or tall walk in wardrobes with either sliding or folding doors. Whatever you set your heart on, we guarantee a wardrobe that is designed for maximum space and optimum storage, with a fashionable and stylish appeal.

As experts in bespoke wardrobes, we will design and build a storage unit that is tailor-made for your specific space and preferences.

  • It can be made in a variety of finishes and colours, such as veneered oak, wood veneer, satin lacquered glass or gloss lacquer glass.
  • It can be built as self-supporting and finished on all sides to eliminate the need for wall fastenings or masonry work. A self-supporting walk in wardrobe can double as a room partition, giving you more decorating and furnishing options.
  • Silent shock absorbers ensure that opening and closing the doors will be easy and quiet
  • Sensor lighting will mean that you don't need to flip a switch when you step in or leave a walk in wardrobe.

Our installers and designers make it a point to pore over every detail in the design and construction stages to ensure your convenience and comfort when using a walk in wardrobe.

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