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Top Tips for Buying A Walk In Wardrobe

1. DIY vs Pro

Broadly speaking, there are two ways to start your journey to getting the perfect walk in wardrobe.
The first is a DIY method that will be relatively inexpensive and can often be a lot of fun (if you’re handy with a tool box and have a lot of free time). The second way is to get a wardrobe designer on side to help advise and guide your project.
This is an important and tricky decision - DIY walk in wardrobes can cost as little as £1000, whilst a quality, professionally fitted walk in wardrobe will usually start from around £4000.

Sliding Door Wardrobe with opaque doors by FCI London
Luxurious Walk-In Wardrobe with dressing table by FCI London

2. Goodbye Things

We recommend all our clients have a quick read of this article on living with a Minimalist Wardrobe before starting the design process.

In our experience it really sets the mood and strategy for what exactly will go into the new walk in wardrobe and what won’t.

3. Be clear on why you want this walk in wardrobe.

“I just need one” is not quite enough. Are you planning on buying more things?
Are you planning on buying more things?
Are you not able to access the things you already have?
Is there dead space available that you want to better utilise?.

Whatever the reason, let’s be sure we are clear on this before we start the design process.

Brown Walk-In Wardrobe by FCI London
Brown Walk-In Wardrobe by FCI London

4. What if you don’t have a spare room?

Even if you don’t have a separate room to convert into a walk in closet, all hope is not lost.

If your bedroom is big enough, it may be possible to design and install a simplified one-wall walk in system that allows you to see all your clothes together with custom sliding doors for access.

5. How big does your room need to be?

All our walk in wardrobes are 100% customisable.

We can design a walk in wardrobe into almost any space BUT that does not mean that every space is suited to this.

Once we understand your requirements and the space available, we’ll come up with a solution that best fits.

Integrated Walk-In Wardrobe by FCI London
Walk-In Wardrobe with 3 transparent doors by FCI London

6. Open vs closed

Should you have doors in your walk in wardrobe or not? Well, it depends. If your walk in space is created in your master bedroom, then we suggest doors.

If however, your walk in is situated in a room of it’s own, then we recommend you ditch the doors. Once we understand your requirements and the space available, we’ll come up with a solution that best fits.

7. Interior components

We'll make sure you only order what you need.

There are a lot of internal components available but not all of them will be suitable or necessary for your walk in.

We’re really keen on understanding exactly what will go in your wardrobe so that we can make sure that only the most useful internal components are included in your design.

Brown Walk-In Wardrobe by FCI London

200+ Finishes

When it comes to a choice of finishes, colours and materials our ranges cannot be beaten. From matt and gloss lacquers to laminates, wood veneer leather and glass; the options are limitless.

We understand that our clients are not looking for just a functional solution; they want their walk in wardrobes to look fabulous and reflect their style and personality. That's exactly why we don't restrict ourselves to a small range of colour options.

Our expert design team are also avid shoppers, collectors and fashion lovers. You're in safe hands.

How It Works?

1. In store

The best option is to pop into our 30,000 sq.ft showroom and see our huge display of wardrobes.
We'll walk you through all the options and create a design for you based on your measurements and requirements.
To schedule a meeting, click here.

2. Online

We're happy to jump onto a zoom call and have an initial design meeting online.
Never tried it? No problem.
Let us set it up and guide you through.
Click here to schedule.

3. At home

Prefer to meet on site? No problem.
One of our experienced designers will meet you at your home to have an initial chat and go through your options.
Click here to book.

4. Detailed design

Once we've established what your requirements are, our design team will create a design proposal that will include drawings, dimensions and internal specifications.
We'll go through these with you in detail online or in the showroom and once you're 100% happy we'll sign off and place your order.

5. Ordering

We take a 30% deposit at the time of ordering.
The wardrobes are then custom built to your specifications in a state of the art factory in Italy.
This usually takes approximately 8 weeks.

6. Expert installation

Once the wardrobes are ready, our installation team will be in touch to arrange a fitting date. Fitting times vary depending on the size and complexity of your wardrobes but we usually fit 2 standard wardrobes in one day.

We provide walk in wardrobes that are built to the highest quality standards, guaranteeing durability and longevity, and designed to meet the exact needs of our clients. Designed and produced in modern factories using state-of-the-art equipment, you are assured of an exceptional walk in wardrobe that will make a superb functional and stylish addition into your bedroom.

One of the benefits of a walk in wardrobe is that it can be designed and installed no matter how small or tight a space may be. If a huge wardrobe matters more to you than anything else, who's to stop you from having one built? With the help of our expert designers and installers, anything is possible.

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Regardless of the size, walk in wardrobes can have plenty of storage room when the right inserts and interior configurations are used. Our team of builders are savvy with bespoke shelving and in combining a wide range of fixtures for better organisation. Hooks and tie racks can be added for your bags, scarves, belts or ties. Interior dividers can be installed inside drawers to keep socks, ties or stockings organised. If that is not enough, retractable wardrobe accessories or a shoe carousel can also be installed.

Special additions can also added to ensure convenience and ease of use of your walk in wardrobe. Sensor lighting can also be installed, whether to activate ambient light or pendant lighting in specific areas.

When it comes to design, your options include walk in, corner walk in or tall walk in wardrobes with either sliding or folding doors. Whatever you set your heart on, we guarantee a wardrobe that is designed for maximum space and optimum storage, with a fashionable and stylish appeal.

As experts in bespoke wardrobes, we will design and build a storage unit that is tailor-made for your specific space and preferences.

  • It can be made in a variety of finishes and colours, such as veneered oak, wood veneer, satin lacquered glass or gloss lacquer glass.
  • It can be built as self-supporting and finished on all sides to eliminate the need for wall fastenings or masonry work. A self-supporting walk in wardrobe can double as a room partition, giving you more decorating and furnishing options.
  • Silent shock absorbers ensure that opening and closing the doors will be easy and quiet
  • Sensor lighting will mean that you don't need to flip a switch when you step in or leave a walk in wardrobe.

Our installers and designers make it a point to pore over every detail in the design and construction stages to ensure your convenience and comfort when using a walk in wardrobe.

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