Traditional ovens failed to achieve what many were looking for at the time of the inception of microwave oven technology, namely providing people with a quick enough way to enjoy meals that were either pre-made or packaged. Thankfully, this technology caught up pretty quickly and it went on to become one of the most popular ways to prepare meals rapidly. Today more than ever, microwave ovens are available everywhere and they are sold at extremely affordable prices. Needless to say, these ovens quickly became part of everyday life, meaning that a refresh in terms of design was much needed.

We at FCI are proud to deliver with our promise of putting high quality appliances first, meaning that all of our microwave ovens are extremely reliable and well-suited for day to day needs, while also giving you an edge over traditionally cheap microwaves that work well but look unappealing to the eye. There are a few options available in our inventory and we are constantly searching for new models to bring to market. For now though, what we have is extremely compelling, thanks to the many innovative design features that make our products a joy to use. Feel free to visit our showroom to see some of these in action and choose your next best microwave oven.

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