Girsberger is a Swiss company that was originally founded in 1889 which is quite a long time ago. Since then the company focused on many different aspects of woodworking and they grew up year by year to eventually become an international business. Girsberger has facilities in many different countries throughout Europe, with production processes taking place in countries like Switzerland, Germany, Serbia, and Turkey. Initially born as a manufacturer of seating furniture, Girsberger offers a wide variety of designs nowadays, including fully-customised pieces that are built from the ground up for office spaces and large applications.

The company has been manufacturing tables and sideboards for many years and they also gathered enough timber to create and expand their own stock, seeking out the best quality tree trunks across Europe. This stock allows them to create their products following a 100% independent production line while also operating a trading business with other companies, something that isn't true for all furniture design companies. Overall, Girsberger has a strong presence in the design world thanks to their unique system and extensive resources.


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