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London's largest luxury Large wardrobe showroom. When space is limited but storage needs are almost limitless, a wardrobe built in a corner is the ideal solution for keeping your clothes and other things organised, while maintaining as much of the floor area as possible.

Coplanar Floor to Ceiling Wardrobe
Lxuury Floor to Ceiling Wardrobe

Benefits of a Large bespoke wardrobe

Large wardrobes give you optimal storage solutions for your bedroom. These are the top benefits of a large wardrobe.

All the storage space

The larger the wardrobe, the more storage space you’ll enjoy. Our bespoke large wardrobes can be customised with various styles of doors, door handles, finishes and colours, but one thing is true of all of them -they will 100% meet your storage needs.


We build your large wardrobe to your exact specifications, so we can work within your budget and tailor the finishings and features accordingly. You can use our handy cost calculator below to get a quote.

Made to order

If you’ve ever seen a feature on someone else’s wardrobe and wishes you could incorporate it into your own, we've got you covered. You can literally build your own wardrobe under the careful guidance of highly skilled wardrobe designers. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

Good investment

Our large bespoke wardrobes are built from premium materials that are made to last. With years to enjoy your designer wardrobe, this is a furniture venture that will always be a good investment and you'll get your money’s worth of use from it.

An elegant decluttering tool

Large wardrobes in particular help you to declutter your room by holding space for just about everything. Those pesky knick-knacks that tend to lie around without a home can now have their own custom-built shelf, leaving your room tidy, chic and clutter-free.

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We are fanatical about luxury Large wardrobe design.

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FAQs for contemporary Large wardrobes

How much do large wardrobes cost?

It depends on your choice in finishes, fittings and features. We have a handy cost calculator below that will get you started - fill in as many details as you can and get an immediate quote.

How can I maximise my space by choosing the right accessories inside my wardrobe?

The great thing about large wardrobes is that they are usually more than sufficient to take care of your storage needs. But you can certainly get more out of them through clever use of shelving, drawers and hanging systems. We are experts at assessing your space and helping you design a wardrobe that will give you the maximum possible space through smart design.

Will my wardrobe be completely unique to me?

Yes, it will. We custom design bespoke, luxury wardrobes for you, we don’t do high volume, identical flatpack kits. There are so many options to choose from that we’d bet our reputation on the fact that no one else will have a wardrobe quite like yours.

Chat to us about your wardrobe wishlist and let our expert team design a bespoke large wardrobe for you that will be the envy of your nearest and dearest.

Jesse Floor to Ceiling Wardrobe
jesse floor to ceiling wardrobe tortora finish
Custom Built Large Wardrobes

For more than 3 decades, our team of experts has been designing and installing bespoke designer wardrobes. .We are experts in building large wardrobes with ample storage space and clever configurations. All our wardrobes have adjustable and flexible frames, allowing us to build and install your wardrobe with the most appropriate inserts to accommodate your specific storage requirements.

As expert designers of large wardrobes, we work closely with you to create premium quality, luxury wardrobes to your exact specifications that will fulfil all your storage needs. Our range of designer wardrobes. gives you an idea of what we can do, but your wardrobe will be completely bespoke and designed by our skilled team.

For those awkward spaces, our corner wardrobes provide a smart solution that maximises your space without compromising on aesthetics. To ensure that you make the most of the space near your ceiling, as well as to create a sleek exterior that enhances the look of your modern bedroom, consider choosing one of our floor to ceiling wardrobes, We’ll help you configure your wardrobe in the best possible way, from shelving and drawers to hanging rails and space for accessories.

Our wardrobe designers are specialists in their field. Providing a bespoke design service, they'll translate your vision into a plan and help you navigate the world of fitted wardrobes to ensure that the final product perfectly fits your space. Best of all, your beautifully crafted designer wardrobe will be completely unique to you.

Whether you collect designer shoes, coats, handbags, silk scarves or first-edition comics, no storage request is too complex for our range of large wardrobes. We will assess your space and wardrobe wishlist and recommend special features accordingly - for example, sliding door wardrobes for smaller rooms where hinged doors would cause clutter.

Tailor-made to suit your style and storage requirements, a large wardrobe can be fitted with a multitude of interior detailing including tie racks, belt racks, hideaway cabinets, hanging rails, drawers and shelves. Up your wardrobe ante with sensor lighting for an extra touch of style and functionality. For very large collections of clothing and accessories, you may want to consider one of our walk-in wardrobes.

With this bespoke wardrobe design service comes a nearly unlimited choice of colours, finishes and configurations. Our designers will work closely with you to choose the best options that will add to the aesthetic of your room.

Large wardrobes can be designed to your wildest imaginations with finishes that range from lacquers, leathers and veneers to gloss, mirror and fabric. Your wardrobe can have sliding doors, hinged door, or high-end pulls. You can choose to use one design or merge a few designs to create something new. If you can dream it, we can build it.

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