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Large Wardrobes Showroom in London

Our team of experts specialise in designing and installing designer wardrobes, bespoke or otherwise. Among our focus are large wardrobes with ample storage space and well-thought-out configurations. With our products based on adjustable and flexible frames, we can build and install floor to ceiling wardrobes with the most appropriate inserts to accommodate your specific storage requirements.

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Expert designers of large wardrobes, bespoke or other, we work closely with you in designing and installing superior-quality luxury wardrobes for all your storage needs. Whatever you needs and specification are, our designer wardrobes offer ample storage and imaginative configurations. Modifiable frames provide unrivalled flexibility and can be built and installed from floor to ceiling. We offer the most suitable inserts and interiors to accommodate your practical considerations and desired aesthetic.

Coplanar Floor to Ceiling Wardrobe

Our wardrobe designers are specialists in their field. Providing a bespoke design service, they'll translate your requirements into a beautifully-crafted designer wardrobe that is unique to you.

Collect designer shoes, handbags, silk scarves, first edibon comics? No matter your storage need, a large wardrobe can be customised to safely and securely organise and protect the things that matter to you.

Lxuury Floor to Ceiling Wardrobe

Tailormade to suit your style and storage requirement, a large wardrobe can be fitted with a multitude of interior detailing including tie racks, belt racks, hideaway cabinets, hanging rails, drawers and shelves. Up your wardrobe ante with sensor lighting for that extra touch of style.

Large wardrobes transcend only serving the purpose of ample storage. It is designed to suit a specific lifestyle requirement and to preserve the quality of the item stored for as long as possible.

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Jesse Floor to Ceiling Wardrobe

If you collect handbags, purses, shoes, designer sneakers, scarves, comics, figurines, first-edition books or coats - you'll have your favourite things organised and stored in one wardrobe system.

jesse floor to ceiling wardrobe tortora finish

With this organisation comes a limitless choice of interior detailing. Our designers will work with you to choose the best interior options for your storage and accessibility needs.

Large wardrobes can be designed to your imagination with finishes that range from lacquers, leathers and veneers to gloss, mirror and fabric. Your wardrobe can have sliding doors, hinged doors, or high-end pulls. We specialise in bespoke wardrobes so you can choose to use one design or merge a few designs - the choice is all yours.

Modern Floor to Ceiling Wardrobe Design

We are fanatical about stunning wardrobe design.
Take a look at our range of wardrobes - if you can dream it, we can design it.

White Lacquered Fitted Wardrobe

Our Patented free standing fitted wardrobe systems are completely unique and ultra-luxe.

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Logo Corner Wardrobes

Corner wardrobes are designed to occupy a small space but with big interior impact to maximise storage.

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Floor-to-Ceiling Wardrobes

To enjoy longevity from your clothing and accessories starts with how you store it.

View Floor-to-Ceiling Wardrobes

Contemporary Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes provide a space-saving option without forgoing style or storage space.

View Sliding Door Wardrobes

Aluminium Built-In Wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes offer you stylish aesthetics and unrivalled functionality.

View Built-In Wardrobes

Bespoke Walk-in Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are the ultimate in luxury storage for your clothing and accessories.

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Our multi-award winning design team is at your disposal for any project or renovation. They will work with you to fully understand your requirement and then design a solution specifically for you or your client. Together, there’s no limit to what fitted wardrobe you can create.

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Special offers & promos on sliding door wardrobes.

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Whether you are a collector of T-shirts, shirts, shoes, bags or other items, a large wardrobe can be built with consideration to the things you need stored and kept organised. It can be fitted with shelves, drawers, hanging rails, tie racks, belt racks and hideaway cabinets. For convenient access, we can also install special additions, such as sensor lighting, so you don't need turn on the bedroom lights or fumble in the dark.

The benefits of floor to ceiling wardrobes go beyond a significant amount of storage space. It is all about your clothes, accessories and how you want to store them to maintain their quality as long as possible. With large wardrobes, a fashionista can fit all their buys in one storage unit. With bespoke wardrobes, the choice of interior fittings are selected based on what best suits the client's needs – your needs. Our expert designers will work with you to understand your specific storage requirements, and ensure that our installers will satisfy such requirements.

A large wardrobe can have many different designs and be constructed from many types of materials. It can have sliding doors that are ideal when floor area is limited, or when you prefer access to the whole interior with just a simple slide of a door. It can have hinged doors that are suitable for a large bedroom, or when you prefer a more elaborate wardrobe complete with fancy handles and pulls. Because we specialise in bespoke wardrobes, we can build one using a combination of designs, for example, the top-most part can be made with sliding doors while the rest can have hinged doors.