Albedo, an Italian design company, draws its genus from the Latin albus, meaning “white”. Albedo’s credo is to be the sunrise of a new dawn. Albedo was established in 2016 by two distinguished personnel of the Italian furniture industry with a unique mission to take exquisite Italian taste in passionate and sensitive furniture design to an international audience. Designer Carlo Cumini especially enjoys showcasing the effects of light and shadows, the contrast between black and white, and in essence, the play between light and dark, a tenet which is distinctly visible in all Albedo designs.

The Albedo Collection has a clear focus on home furniture. The emphasis is on eclectically bringing together form, functionality, and immaculate textural finish. The style statement across all Albedo creations is distinctly Italian, where an obvious attempt has been made to highlight their ‘Made in Italy’ persona. At the same time, alongside this traditional Italian style of craftsmanship, there is contemporary elegance that is amply evident across all Albedo product offerings. From its base near Venice, Albedo has remarkably struck a chord with design patrons not just in Italy or Europe but right around the world.

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