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Lighting is the secret ingredient in conceiving any spectacular environment. It creates and affects the mood of any room or space. Good lighting can enhance elegance, create drama, or just lend simple comfort. It can be the difference between the mundane, and the extraordinary.

Each of us has different light preferences and sensibilities. It takes a seasoned designer to identify those needs and produce the desired results.

It’s critically important to discuss and plan the lighting scheme as part of the interior design phase, rather than outside it.

Too often we see projects where the lighting is put into the scheme as a completely separate phase to the interior design process; what goes into the interior and how the space is planned should be intricately and intimately linked to the lighting design.

And this is precisely how we do it at fci.

The initial meeting with one of our designers at our showroom is free of charge. During this meeting we will require you to bring your architectral drawings. We will go through room style, ceiling height and elevations. We will also briefly discuss furniture layouts including any art or sculpture you may have.

After the initial meeting, we will provide you with a quote to supply a full lighting design package.

We work with nearly 100 different lighting brands, so whatever your style requirements are, we’re confident we can help.

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