Alivar represents everything that Italians have always strived to achieve: beauty, elegance, modernism, simplicity. The company was founded in 1984 in Firenze, Italy, renowned capital of the Renaissance. Alivar mostly concentrates on modern-looking furniture pieces, which can be either minimalistic or a bit more complex, but always with an eye for classy design. There are two main "branches" that Alivar works on and these are the so-called "Home Project" and "Brilliant Lifestyle".

The titles speak for themselves when somebody's looking for a specific type of stylized material and Alivar simply delivers in both aspects: home furniture in the first branch for those that are constantly looking for elegance and excellence in their everyday lives, with brilliant lifestyle pieces for the second branch that effortlessly exude simplicity, comfort and a warm personality. Alivar strives to make things not only easy to understand and use, but also welcoming, meaning that, as soon as one sees a piece of design furniture from them, they realize what the potential for true comfort and vision lies in, hence they immediately fall in love with the work portrayed in these unbelievable pieces. Your senses are going to be driven to an otherworldly experience with Alivar's furniture.


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