Espresso machines were traditionally only found in bars and fancy restaurants because of their size, but with the passing of the years they kept shrinking down, eventually becoming a great way to get your morning kick as soon as you get out of bed. These machines really have it all: they can make you cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and more. You can also choose to buy one that operates just like some of the professional machines do, albeit in much better styling options. Not so surprising is the fact that these machines have become extremely elegant considering the widespread use of coffee throughout the world.

You can see how many companies have been able to bring modern design cues to something that is as small as a container holding water with an arm extending all the way out, which is where grinded coffee usually goes. If you're not the type of person to order your coffee while on the go every single day, these machines are great alternatives. Not only are they easy to use and compact, but they also provide you with great quality coffee, something that wouldn't be expected from such tiny devices. These represent true revolutions in terms of coffee consumption and design prowess.

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