Shoes are fabulous, we all know that; they are comfortable and durable, they make us (slightly) taller, they put an emphasis on style and fashion. We all love to gather shoes to mix and match styles, but after a while they start getting in the way, especially high heels and boots. The best way to deal with this are shoe racks: they occupy little space, they are unobtrusive and, most of all, they are highly practical, thanks to their slanted drawers that let you insert any type of shoe with close to no effort, while also keeping them organized in pairs. If you are looking for a solution to this age-old problem, then look no further than our amazing offerings.

We have four different types of racks, all of which have their own unique properties. For example, our Girilla shoe rack represents the high-end of shoe racks, with huge, mirrored panels and revolving doors, while our Garage shoe rack represents the day to day necessity of stacking shoes in pairs, with close to no other expectancies. We love to bring varied products to the market and we really believe that you'll have a good time with the quality that these pieces propose in the long-term.

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