Arcahorn, just like the name implies, is all about working with Zebu horns. This type of work is something that had been lost for many decades in the home industry, until it was picked up again by Italian founder Mario Guerra in 1958, in a small Italian town called Recanati, where he decided to open his first laboratory. Guerra was always driven and passionate for this kind of work, using a material that's not only naturally elegant, but also extremely complex and multifaceted. There isn't one precise way to be working with Zebu horns, there are thousands, and many more are still coming to the surface today.

Arcahorn strives to turn this incredible material into something that makes a statement about tradition, passion and "Made in Italy" excellence. The company has been worked on by generations of family members for as long as 60 years now, and it really shows, thanks to the incredible design pieces that recently came out of production. Not only are Zebu horns fine pieces for designing furniture, but they've been used for a long time, even during the Renaissance, where crucial techniques were developed to treat the material and derive beautiful pieces out of it.


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