Cooktops can be used with gas combustion or they can conduct heat through circular plates that warm up either electronically or through other mechanisms. Needless to say, the latter are modern-looking and slick in the way they present the kitchen to guests and friends, but the former are extremely powerful, bringing out the fiery soul of gas combustion to deliver heat that propagates very quickly. Whatever you may choose as your preferred method, you really cannot go wrong with the beautiful (and practical) designs that we at FCI have been focusing on for quite a few decades now.

We've been in the industry for a long time and we know what's needed to provide end users with great cooktops, namely rugged materials and ease of use. No need for unnecessary frills and extra buttons, as long as the overall design stays in line with what you are looking for. Cooktops can be either very simple or immensely complex. The choice when it comes to buying one or the other lies in knowing what you need them for. Do you often cook for many people all at once? Do you often have guests? Whatever the case may be, we have the answer.


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