EmmeBi is an Italian design company that invites you to express your tastes with pleasure. Research, quality, and functionality are the main values of EmmeBi in nearly 50 years of history. The company was founded by Angelo Borgonovo and they are now led by his daugthers: Loretta and Ivana borgonovo. Every year, new pieces and new collections are released to the market to make sure that the company can keep up properly with new trends and maybe even set a trend themselves.

EmmeBi offers one of the most elegant experiences that you could ever live in terms of modern design. The products rise from the continuous and stimulant cooperation between company and international designers that are eager to bring their own say into it.

All EmmeBi materials are carefully selected and they all go through precise quality controls that require absolute attention to detail. Every step of the production process is handled directly in Brianza, Italy, where many other design company do their best to release innovative products to market. This thriving position lets EmmeBi create furniture that's durable and timeless, allowing customers to live free of doubt for decades upon decades. The company strives to provide exceptional customer support.


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