Cierre is all about leather furniture and attention to detail. Like many other design furniture companies, Cierre is an Italian company, founded by Mr. Romano Conficconi, who started the business with his wife Cesarina in 1972. Since then, a lot of things have changed, while the business has maintained its core offerings, which are leather sofas, armchairs, beds and so on. Cierre bridges the gap between traditional leather treatment and original methods, creating something that is truly unique to the company. You can see that in their sofas, which not only exude luxury, but also tell a unique story, all on their own.

Each product is in fact manufactured from expert artisans by hand, with all of the individual uniqueness that this brings to the collection. Not one piece is the same from any other sold through official Cierre channels. This incredible design company has been thriving for 46 years now and they show no sign of stopping their magnificent work, which is all the better for all of us. What drives the company forward is a desire for innovation: no other family like the Conficconi family can do this in such an original way and that is what differentiates Cierre from the competition.


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