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Corner Wardrobes Showroom in London

We offer a variety of designs specifically made for corner wardrobes. When space is limited but storage needs are almost limitless, a wardrobe built in a corner is the ideal solution for keeping your clothes and other things organised, while maintaining as much of the floor area as possible.

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Get the flexibility in terms of size and design with corner wardrobe. These wardrobes can be positioned discreetly in awkward spaces and are the ideal storage solution for keeping your most beloved items neatly organised without compromising on floor space.

Corner Wardrobes Showroom in London

Corner wardrobes can make a real statement in any room. It seamlessly meets function and form and can really add a touch of magic in opbmising space in bedrooms, hallways or laundry rooms.

Corner Wardrobe Design Hinged

One of the benefits of corner wardrobes is that they are made to measure around your requirements, whatever it may be - linens, toys, books, camping gear, clothes, the options are endless.

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Corner wardrobes are designed for space efficiency and optimal capacity. Our designers fully understand these principles and can assist you in choosing the right interior detailing to achieve this. Drawers, hooks, hideaway cabinets, shelving and racks can all be used to optimise storage while maintaining the integrity of the items stored inside the wardrobe.

Grey Interior Wardrobe Design

With experience desiring and installing over 100,000 wardrobes, we understand how to maximise space and design around spatial ltations. Our wardrobe design expertise will ensure you make the most of steep angles and awkwardly-shaped rooms to truly maximise your space.

If you have a room that is triangular, T-shaped or another irregular shape, then a corner wardrobe is the ideal solution.

Bespoke corner wardrobes offer an aesthetic quality too. After it is installed it balances out a room so that it takes on a more regular shape. Sliding doors or hinged doors are both options for a corner wardrobe and our expert designers will work with you to find the best-quality door solution for your wardrobe. Let us help you design a corner wardrobe with a surprisingly spacious interior to store all the thing, love.

Itallian Design Corner Wardrobe

We are fanatical about stunning wardrobe design.
Take a look at our range of wardrobes - if you can dream it, we can design it.

Fitted Wardrobe Design

Our Patented free standing fitted wardrobe systems are completely unique and ultra-luxe.

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Built-In Wardrobe Design

Built-in wardrobes offer you stylish aesthetics and unrivalled functionality.

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Large Wardrobe Design

Whether you’re a collector or a fashionista, large wardrobes provide ample storage and space with intelligent configurations.

View Large Wardrobes

Sliding Door Wardrobe Design

Sliding door wardrobes provide a space-saving option without forgoing style or storage space.

View Sliding Door Wardrobes

Floor-to-Ceiling Wardrobe Design

To enjoy longevity from your clothing and accessories starts with how you store it. Up the glamour with stylish interior including shelves, rails and light sensors.

View Floor-to-Ceiling Wardrobes

Walk-in Wardrobe Design

Walk-in wardrobes are the ultimate in luxury storage for your clothing and accessories. Our range of walk-in wardrobes will ensure you’re stylishly ready in no time.

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Our multi-award winning design team is at your disposal for any project or renovation. They will work with you to fully understand your requirement and then design a solution specifically for you or your client. Together, there’s no limit to what fitted wardrobe you can create.

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Our Clients Speak

Here’s what our customers have to say about us.

A corner wardrobe is a convenient and practical piece of furniture that can be installed in different corners around the house. Its purpose is not just limited in the bedroom, but also as a storage unit for outdoor clothing in the hallway, or a storage unit built specifically for linens, sheets and towels.

One of the benefits of corner wardrobes is that they can be built small in size, but ample in interior space and capacity. It all depends on the interior organisers and inserts used. Shelves, racks, drawers, hooks and hideaway cabinets are added for effective use of space and to achieve optimum storage at the same time. As designers and installers of over 100,000 wardrobes, we know exactly what will work given the spatial limitations and other constraints. A corner wardrobe can look small on the outside, but surprisingly spacious inside.

It is also the perfect solution for an irregularly shaped bedroom to have a universal look. Bespoke corner wardrobes can be designed with a wide range of shapes – triangular, T-shaped, five-wall units or trapezoidal. When installed, it can smooth the corners of a bedroom, so it will take on a regular, square shape. Doors of a corner wardrobe can be sliding or hinged doors, depending on what works best. While both options have their share of advantages and disadvantages, our expert designers can ensure you only get the best of whatever door type you choose. As experts in bespoke wardrobe styles, we have workarounds for every challenge that we meet in construction and installation.

With our expertise, even if the only available space in your bedroom is one empty corner, you can have the storage unit you need to house your clothes, ties, bags, shoes and other accessories. We can surprise you. We can do wonders, given our expertise, knowledge and skills in wardrobe design and installation.

Each of the wardrobes we create are not only functional and practical, but also very aesthetically appealing. Moreover, we can make them fit to any conceivable theme or interior design and colour scheme.