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London's largest luxury corner wardrobe showroom. When space is limited but storage needs are almost limitless, a wardrobe built in a corner is the ideal solution for keeping your clothes and other things organised, while maintaining as much of the floor area as possible.

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Benefits of a corner wardrobe

Corner wardrobes have a unique set of advantages that make them extremely versatile.

Made to fit

Whether you have an angled recess next to your bed or an awkward nook in your living room, corner wardrobes are made to fit, no matter the dimensions. They are the answers to any storage needs, giving you graceful solutions that will transform your unwanted spaces into spectacular results.

Unmatched versatility

Because corner wardrobes can fill problematic areas throughout your home, they are one of your most diverse choices and can be custom-built to your exact measurements and design specifications.

Prime storage space

It’s often very difficult to furnish the cornered areas of your room, but with a bespoke corner wardrobe, you won’t end up with any wasted niches. This is especially useful if you’re refurbishing a small space and still need to accommodate clothing, books and other bric-a-brac.


If you can’t afford multiple pieces of furniture to take care of your storage needs, then one beautifully designed corner wardrobe is your answer.

Fully customisable

From sleek doors, a choice of handles and a range of bespoke interior options, corner wardrobes can be customised to suit your specific needs. And with a huge selection of gorgeous finishes and colours, you’ll be able to put together a design that will enhance your existing aesthetics perfectly. If you can imagine it, we can do it.


Corner wardrobes are ideal for children’s rooms, especially when fitted with robust hinged doors. Because they can be built to any specification, you have the option to make them shorter so little ones can reach right to the very top.

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FAQs for contemporary corner wardrobes

How much do corner wardrobes cost?

It depends on the size, finishings and accessories you need. We have a handy cost calculator below that will answer this question. Fill in all your details and get a quote instantly.

Are corner wardrobes good for small spaces?

Absolutely! One of the biggest advantages of having a corner wardrobe is that it can fit into any part of your home, giving you optimal storage space solutions for any eventuality.

Can I fit a corner wardrobe into a room with a sloped ceiling?

Yes, you can. Corner wardrobes can be fitted into any space, but this requires an expert installation team and some specialised equipment. We have both. We are highly experienced and we will fit any wardrobe, anywhere. Send us your requirements today and we’ll create a solution for you.

How long does it take to install a corner wardrobe?

Most of our corner wardrobe installations can be completed within 24 hours. Once we have all specs of your order, we’ll give you an estimate for how long the installation will take.

Do you have corner wardrobes in your showroom?

Yes. We have a wide selection of wardrobes in a large range of finishes and configurations ready to show you. We can also guide you through our wardrobe catalogue and answer any questions that you may have. Pay us a visit today for a hot cuppa and a walk through our showroom.

Can I integrate a corner wardrobe into my hallway?

Yes you can. Corner wardrobes are ideal for any room in your home, especially if you need to fill awkward spaces with versatile storage solutions.

Will I be able to have hanging space in my corner wardrobe?

We can configure your corner wardrobe to accommodate any type of storage space you need within its available dimensions. Chat to us about your vision and our team will design you a bespoke corner wardrobe that will transform your home.

Chat to us about your vision and our team will design you a bespoke corner wardrobe that will transform your home.

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Custom Built Corner Wardrobes

Fill those awkward spaces and unused nooks with a corner wardrobe. Our experienced team have the knowledge and expertise you need to help you design elegant storage solutions for every room, allowing you to take care of all your clothing and clutter in style. Our offerings include clever configurations, adjustable frames and all the little extras you need to refine your wardrobes and make them an eye-catching feature in your home.

Corner wardrobes offer intelligent solutions for all your space-saving needs and are ideal when it comes to filling areas of your home that are difficult to furnish. Built specifically to fit into any corner, they can be custom designed to give you optimal storage while still including bespoke features made just for you.

Each corner wardrobe that we design is completely unique and created to reflect your personal preferences and taste. They can be ordered with hinged or sliding doors, or a combination of both depending on practicality. Let our top-notch team guide your choices and help you select your perfect interior from an extraordinary range of options. These include shelving, drawers, rails, hanging space, tie racks, hat stands, laundry baskets and many more.

We also have a huge variety of door handles, finishes, materials and colours to choose from, ensuring that you get exactly what you need to make your corner wardrobe fit seamlessly into the aesthetics of your home. Our design team is highly experienced when it comes to finding the perfect matches and are on hand to help you every step of the way.

At FCI London, we are sticklers for quality, and it shows in our attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. Our mission is to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for, right down to the very last detail.

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