Furbambini is an Italian company that caters especially well to things like entire rooms for kids, but also to design furniture for adults. The company has been producing furniture for just under 50 years now and their expertise shows through proven collections and technological achievements. Italians are renowned for their emphasis on how important home furniture is and this is no different for Furbambini, a brand who strives to bring high quality pieces in every single room, with a particular eye for customer support. In 2012, Furbambini expanded his operations to the European market and that came as an absolute success for their operations, thanks to the lean production they had been working on for years. This allowed them to scale their production efficiently and to a degree where they didn't have to worry about high demand, they simply kept delivering on a constant basis. This shows how committed Furbambini really is to make their customers happy and not only that, it shows how happy customers really are! Sales have never been better, and collections have been improving for quite a while now, so much so that the company had to hire many more people in recent years. Once again, the "Made in Italy" mark backs itself up with quality companies and more importantly, quality people.


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