Gaggenau is a unique German company that is very well-known for their expertise in terms of appliances and kitchenware. Their heritage takes us back more than three-hundred years, when a hammer mill was built in the homonymous village. Gaggenau is so much more than just a maker and provider of appliances though; over the centuries, they have been able not only to perfect their craft by developing cutting-edge solutions and by constantly innovating through research, but they also made sure that everyone in the world could get their hands on one of their pieces thanks to their worldwide coverage.

Gaggenau themselves have the perfect description for what their brand feels like: "If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then Gaggenau is the soul of the kitchen." This clearly puts the emphasis on how good Gaggenau really is in achieving bespoke kitchen environments that make us dream beyond belief. In fact, there's not a single chef that would recommend any other brand over Gaggenau, because of how intuitive, powerful, and good-looking their systems are. If you believe that perfection should be achieved through technical prowess and attention to detail, then Gaggenau is definitely the company that incorporates these values best.

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Gaggenau Ovens
Gaggenau Ovens

Whether it’s a professional or a private kitchen, its heart always lies in its oven. Gaggenau ovens offer the most extraordinary and distinct baking experiences. Each oven comes with a range of intelligent configurations, like the combination of the oven with warming or vacuuming drawers so you can conveniently experiment with sous-vide cooking techniques.

The revolutionary 90cm wide, EB 333 oven is predominantly hand-built, using the highly skilled hands of Gaggenau craftsmen and the best quality materials. The stainless steel door panels are made up of a single 3mm sheet while the 20kg door opens and soft-closes with the most surprising level of ease.

Available in 60cm and 76cm width, the 400 series comes with handle-free doors that can be operated with a touch of the TFT display technology. These doors are made using five layers of special glass for insulation that allows the oven door to stay perfectly cool, even when its 485°C inside. Certain appliances from the 200 series offer the Home Connect technology so they can be digitally operated through remote controls. Both the 200 and 400 series ovens are expansive in terms of size and capabilities as you can combine them with microwaves, steam-ovens, warming drawers and espresso machines to create personalised combinations.

Gaggenau Coffee Machines

Gaggenau coffee machine is ideal for those who believe that coffee is more than just a drink. It allows you to prepare professional standard coffees while staying in the comfort of your homes. The bespoke beverages can be customised according to personal tastes and preferences.

The fully automated espresso machine 200 series will alert you with a warning if the milk or beans are running out, so you’ll never be interrupted or disappointed while preparing your drink. The 400 series comes with empty grinding function, so the user can easily switch between the different types of beans.

It also allows you to save up to eight of your personalised coffee settings in its memory. These are just a few of the many functions that these coffee machines offer to allow you to create the perfect cup of coffee, every time. For streamlined functionality, these coffee machines can be seamlessly blended with the Gaggenau ovens to further enhance their functionality.

Gaggenau Cooktops

There’s a Gaggenau cooktop to suit the needs of every chef and every kitchen. A whole range of cooktops is available in every series, each of which comes with a distinctive character. For those who want to configure the cooking surfaces, endless combinations can easily be created.

Choose the 200 series for the more understated, compact cooktops with the ability to transform your kitchen. These cooktops too can be flush or surface mounted as the installation style is only a matter of personal taste. With a minimalist design, the black aluminium control panel beautifully complements the glowing orange border of the control knobs.

The 400 series cooktops are the more expansive and professional ones that can be flush or surface mounted in any configuration of choice. Experience the highest levels of elegance and efficiency with TFT touch displays, stainless steel, hand-crafted knobs and specialised appliances like the electric grill or Teppan Yaki.

Gaggenau Coffee Machines
Gaggenau Extractors
Gaggenau Extractors

Ventilation is an essential feature for any space where you cook and entertain. With their simple but clever design, the Gaggenau 400 and 200 ventilation series will capture all sorts of fumes, vapours, odours and smoke - hence significantly improving the indoor air quality.

The Gaggenau extractors can be controlled manually or automatically and they can be mounted at any place of choice including the ceiling, cupboard, cooktop and walls. They’ve been designed while keeping in mind the concepts of airflow and discretion, so these extractors will efficiently and silently keep performing in the background without causing any disturbance.

The 400 series offers bold designs coupled with the height of clean air management while the 200 series includes a range of efficient options for private chefs. The use of removable baffle filters offers a highly efficient and professional level of performance while the integrated lighting in both series helps create a warm and inviting ambience.

Gaggenau Extractors
Gaggenau Refrigerators

Always enjoy the freshest food and ingredients with the extensive cooling portfolio of Gaggenau refrigerators that are designed to complement your kitchen. These intelligently flexible refrigerators can sense the needs of even the most delicate and demanding food items and react by adjusting accordingly.

Along with an impressive design, the 400 series feature an enormous door that opens effortlessly, thanks to the new opening assist technology. The minimalist design is further accentuated by the glare-free and warm white LED lights, that illuminate gently to reveal the stainless steel interior and clear glass shelves.

The 200 series is designed to fit in integrated spaces including rooms and spaces under the counters. This range offers up to four climatic zones, adjustable shelving, 4 star freezer compartments, cooling drawers and much more. The choice is yours to create combinations with the refrigerator, fridge and freezer or in case of the 400 series, the impressive wine climate cabinets.

Gaggenau Refrigerators
Gaggenau Wine Cabinets

Offering a sleek design with ultimate storage, the Gaggenau wine cabinets are made for the true wine aficionados who understand that great wine deserves greater care. The cabinets will not just store the wine but they’ll also tastefully showcase them with their dimmable presentation light.

Exceptional engineering technologies have been utilised to make these cabinets vibration-free while cushioned door closing systems keep your collection safe and undisturbed. The interiors are carefully constructed, using special materials like activated charcoal filters so that the aroma and taste of the wine are not affected.

Despite the slim and sleek design, up to 80 bottles can easily be stored on the fully extendable, beach wood, oak and aluminium trays. The 200 series offers two independently controlled climatic zones, while the 400 series offers up to three, so the wine can always be enjoyed at the ideal temperature.

Gaggenau Wine Cabinets
Gaggenau Dishwashers

Pristine dishes require a dishwasher that can treat them with the care and efficiency that they deserve. The Gaggenau dishwashers offer numerous innovative design elements and high-performance features, while of course being a visual treat.

Both the 400 and 200 series dishwashers offer clear communication and control through the TFT displays and the handle free, push to open doors. The 400 series additionally offer a lighted interior and other premium features like Zeolite technology for enhanced drying performance.

Certain models from both ranges also offer intelligent technology so the appliances can be connected with smart home systems. Despite being incredibly powerful, the dishwashers are also energy efficient, sensitive with delicate items and maintain a quiet home environment.

Gaggenau Dishwashers
Gaggenau Washing Machines

With the Gaggenau washing machine and condenser dryer, doing laundry will no longer feel like a chore. The exceptional A+++ energy ratings, low water and energy consumption, large capacity and long life are only a few of the uncountable features that these machines offer.

The washing machine’s spacious doors open to a complete 180 degrees and the 9kg drum with interior lighting allows for the easiest loading and unloading. The integrated wifi module allows the machine to be controlled remotely via Home Connect to simplify the laundry process.

The anti-stain and anti-crease features make the clothes look as good as new, after every wash. To increase their durability and reduce noise to the minimum possible levels, the machines have been integrated with the most innovative and energy efficient motor technology.

Gaggenau Washing Machines

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