Vesoi is a company that fuels the search for "Made in Italy" excellence, one where everything is done so that their reputation can benefit from it. It's not just a brand's obsession though, it's more of a lifestyle. Their eco-design lighting appliances are all but boring, and you can truly see how most of their work shines through what is represented as craze for details. There are so many little things that are taken care of, both in terms of actual design and in terms of presentation.

The lamps the company offers are all very modern-looking, but they all share a hint of mystery with their circular designs and their intricate forms. There's nothing more striking than experiencing one of their ceiling pieces in action. The chiaroscuro that spreads out throughout the room fills the experience with what can only describe as a treasured effect, one where you feel soothed and brought upon total relaxation. Vesoi may not be the most well-known company in the industry, but their collections are absolutely something to consider when shopping for a way to light up your house in unique and powerful manners.


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