Fireplaces have always been a great way to gather around with family and friends, in order to enjoy that natural feeling of cosiness and warmth that only fire itself can provide. There's no doubt that a great fireplace needs to spread the warmth around, without keeping it centralised on the spot, but the modern fireplace is so much more than that. Older designs were flawed in spreading the warmth because of how much cold stone would be used but, today, thanks to the innovative materials and the new processes that have been discovered, we can really discern a difference.

Fireplaces enclosed in metal not only look modern, but they also provide for a sensation of warmth that is unprecedented. Open designs are also just as valid, but they need to be taken care of more often, with maintenance requiring some technical knowledge. Electric fireplaces are also the pinnacle of modern technology, making everything much easier to deal with; no need to buy wood or materials that burn until they crumble to ash. Instead, you can simply flip a switch and get instantly gratified by the wave of warmth you had been waiting for in those short winter days.


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