Serip - like many other companies in the niche of lighting appliances - strives to provide clients with a world of luminous beauty, one where furniture and light blend together to become one unique piece of incredible design. The history of Serip dates back to the 60s, a time where curvy designs would make up for most of the buzz. At that time Mário J. Pires (the company's founder) started making his own chandeliers and started advertising them under the name "Serip", meaning that the original brand name has stuck up to this very same day.

The company kept improving on the concept of building beautiful chandeliers, in order to reach the rather modern facade that it shows today. There's a collection from them that is called "Black & White Moments", a highly contrasting play of the two colors that somehow are able to complement each other in a fluid motion. That's what the company stands by, constant motion in a constantly evolving world. Serip strives to bring innovative design to the market and fight fiercely against the competition.


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