Qlocktwo from Biegert & Funk is an innovative clock for your walls. This square clock features a range of letters from the alphabet arranged in a random order which light up and tell you exactly what time it is in words. No more looking at clock hands, no more counting. Qlocktwo tells it exactly like it is, as if a friend was speaking directly to you. There are absolutely no numbers here.

The Qlocktwo was nominated for all the most important design awards there could be - literally. The Red Dot, the TDC, the iF, German Design Award, Interior Innovation Award, and many more. All of these judges recognised Qlocktwo's timeless design and went on to proclaim it as a winner in most cases. Qlocktwo products are produced according to highest quality standards in the manufactory of Biegert & Funk, a German-based company that has its headquarters in Schwäbisch Gmünd. This amazing square watch has interchangeable front covers that can be either made of stainless stell or acrylic glass, with many different colours to choose from.

Biegert & Funk

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