Amura is all about one tagline, "Made in Italy". The Amura name and brand can be interpreted in many different ways if we consider different languages: love in Italian, solar eclipse in Tahitian and even "big smile" in Japanese. Amura strives to bring all these properties together: the love for design work, the beauty and the mystery that lies beyond an incredible event and, at the end of the day, a big smile to wear off all of modern society's stress

Amura's design pieces are one of a kind. Coming directly out of their headquarters in Grumo Appula, Italy, Amula furniture looks at design as a pure form of function, meaning that you not only get beautiful and well thought out pieces, but you also get highly functional ones, things that prove to be of purpose for your everyday life. Be it comfort, beauty, simplicity or complexity that you are looking for, Amura is able to gather all of what makes these properties shine and blend things together, so that you don't have to look any further. Let Amura's design team surprise you with their furniture and let them give you what you've always been looking for, a great smile.


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