B&B Letti is a leading Italian company in both home and contract sections of making beds, sofas, armchairs and other upholstery furniture pieces. The company is based in Novedrate, Italy, just north of Milan and the headquarters were designed by the famous architects Renzo Piano (designer of The Shard in London) and Richard Rogers. This is probably one of the most historic companies that are to be found in the industry, both in terms of Italian culture, but also in terms of worldwide presence. Since 1972, when the company was founded, they've simply kept producing quality work without seemingly losing any ground.

Their expertise in the area has to do with their strong industrial and technological calling because, apart from making great furniture B&B Letti has had to solve many different industrial problems with their factories and they seem to have done so with few to no problems. Piero Ambrogio Busnelli is the man that lies behind the vision of this great company and he was able to achieve such status thanks to his experimentation with new materials and advanced technologies. Overall, if you are looking for high end beds and sofas, look no further than B&B, because they've got you covered.

B&B Letti

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