The company which goes by the name "Arte", which intuitively translates to art in English, focuses specifically on high end wall coverings: designs such as concave rhombuses or squares could end up on your wall to not only provide for beautiful looks, but also to serve practical functions such as soundproofing, noise reduction and light enhancement. The experienced designers that work at Arte are constantly searching for new materials and new techniques to get things done in a superior way, with products that can easily take more than one year to fully develop.

This is the kind of quality that Arte strives to reach, the one where research and early development are just as important as the finished product. With more than 30 years of internal experience and products that are made on the spot in Zonhoven, Belgium, Arte provides for some of the best wall coverings you will ever get to experience in your life. Their craftsmanship in these terms is basically second to none and their work has been approved by some of the most important design institutions in the world. Sustainability is also a big part of what Arte does, bringing ecologic solutions to all their products.


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