Chairs are universal: we all know what their purpose is, and we all need them, no matter what. If this kind of furniture piece is so important to humankind, then why not making of it a true work of art? That's what we at FCI London have been trying to achieve for quite a while now with all of our collections, including dining chairs, armchairs, office chairs, and so on. We wanted to provide you with the best possible seating experience and we are glad to say that we achieved our goal of making our customers feel at home. Our reputation has been growing on the positive side for decades and we have received very little complaints about any of our seating products so far.

We strive to offer you fantastic customer service and we want to sell chairs that are purposefully made with the modern person in mind. Our expertise in sourcing chairs from all over Europe has allowed us to gain valuable contacts and thus offer pieces that are constantly changing, with upholstery and other soft materials like leather being the main attraction. If you are considering buying one of our chairs, simply send your request through and we will invite you to chat about it over a cup of coffee. In the meantime, make sure you browse our catalogue and see if you have any particular interests.


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