Washing machines are an essential part of how we live today, which is why they need to be built sturdily, but also in a way that truly represents a modern lifestyle. Our washing machines have all been picked by our team to serve you well for years to come, meaning that our parts are all extremely high quality, with quick support being offered. Washing machines are traditionally pictured as very utilitarian products, with bland designs and many useless buttons. Today, the world has recognised that these pieces deserve the same treatment that other furniture pieces have already been experiencing, with beautiful metal designs coming into play, replacing the usual plastic enclosures.

High-end washing machines are still not so easy to find, but we've gathered a great collection of appliances that will fit all of your needs. Unlike previous models, these can be placed anywhere thanks to their quiet operation and their renewed aesthetics. Make sure you have enough space for one in your designed area and choose what kind of feature you need most. Needless to say, these can also withstand moderate weather conditions such as strong wind and dust, meaning that you'll be able to place these outside if you may choose to do so.

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