Innately practical and an essential item for the home, a clock is also an opportunity to add style and colour to a room. Unlike many larger items or one-off items for the home, you can choose a clock for each room to add your own signature touch.

We sell clocks in different shapes, sizes, and colours, crafted from a range of materials so you can choose a product which will appeal to both your sense of style and your sense of practicality.

The QLOCKTWO TOUCH from Biegert & Funk is a precision alarm clock with a matrix of characters that forms written words spelling out the time. This unique and engaging way of showing the time creates a real talking point, and has a memorable and stylish aesthetic.

Whether placed on a desk, in the living room or in the bedroom, the compact QLOCKTWO TOUCH is ideal for many locations. With dimensions of (H) 13.5cm, (W)13.5cm, (D)1.8 cm, this clock adds an elegant but not overpowering aesthetic to any room.

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