We have been designing and installing beautiful kitchens for over 25 years.

We work with a number of Italian and German furniture brands and offer a superior design service that few can boast. We are also confident that, apple for apple, our prices cannot be beaten. Give us a quick call, email us your plans or pop in for a coffee and a chat to discuss your requirements.

When it comes to kitchen designs that combine traditional with modern aesthetics and equipment, no other company does it better than FCI Kitchens. Based in Italy, and founded in Biancade in 1969, it has become of one of the renowned kitchen designers.

It was developed and established because of founder Giuseppe Dolfo’s insight and determination to create a lifestyle, not just a place for cooking, preparing meals, and dining. Built in what is traditionally a centre of furniture production has also made it easier for FCI Kitchens to blend tradition and modernity in all of its kitchen designs.

FCI Kitchens Design and Production

The goal is to create a layout that showcases form and function, and the content and substance of the material used. With the founder’s ability to represent and express consciously the essence of combining modernity and tradition, every product from FCI Kitchens is a harmonious blend of different characteristics.

Natural wood is a frequent star in FCI Kitchens’ creations because of its history, tradition, durability, and reusability. This is then combined with ash and oak that are used in the joinery department.

Various types of wood are sourced from monitored reforestation areas. Once the trees have been seasoned, they are then cut and processed in a procedure that is largely integrated.

Kitchen designs usually take on a stylistic and contemporary dimension but never just a fad. FCI Kitchens’ approach is based on the concept of “classically trendy” that they fundamentally developed and which influenced the market. The stylistic and philosophical outlook opened up new horizons. It not only gave the company its recognisable identity and helped established itself as an industry leader but also revolutionised home and kitchen furniture design.

FCI Kitchens is instantly recognisable with its character that is built on durable, high-quality products and the right balance of form and function with respect to the customers and the environment where the kitchens are built.

FCI Kitchens

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