Oris represents the constant search for perfection that Italians have always been known for: be it design, luxury, comfort, beauty. Italians have always had this sense of aesthetic, especially with their architecture, but also with theatre, fashion, and interior design in this case. Oris wants to bring all of those values together and bring awe to the world of interior design with simple and effective pieces that will most definitely steal your breath. Their products are of the purest quality, usually made with golden supports and glass tops.

They have two main collections: classic and contemporary. Classic is exactly what you'd expect it to be: a voluminous collection of sparkling pieces that call out to the palaces of the '700s and '800s, just like Versailles or the Caserta Palace. Contemporary, again, is also what you'd expect it to be: strong lines, slanted edges, mirrored surfaces. Oris doesn't want to be anything obnoxious in its search for perfection, it simply says what it wants to be, without any further need to go into dreamlike descriptions of their own products. Quality doesn't ask for any dreamlike descriptions, it requires expertise and hard work, which is what Oris brings to the table.


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