Bocci is a lighting design company unlike any other. Their headquarters are in Vancouver, Canada and Berlin, Germany. Bocci is a fairly young company that focuses heavily on a lateral and open-ended relationship between creative direction and craft. Their showroom in Berlin was opened in 2015 and it became home to many different prototypes and ideas for the company. Omer Arbel is the person behind all of this; together with his team, he created beautiful, unique lighting appliances that tell stories. Based between Vancouver and Berlin, Omer is an eclectic person that focuses on different subjects such as architecture, sculpture, invention, and design.

Exploration of light as a medium is key to his artistry and it shows in the way he uses compositions in his pieces. His collections are truly astonishing, with more than 50 pieces that look absolutely different from one another. Dark grey glass, air pockets, soda water, glass matrices. All these techniques and materials are used to create pieces that really stand out. If you love pure design, Bocci is a great example of it.


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