Almerich has more than 75 years of history in the furniture industry and their experience has provided for an incredible company, one that does more than just producing design furniture pieces. Antonio Almerich Villanueva founded the company in 1943 and, although he had very modest means by that time, he always had vision for what things could eventually become in the future, in fact, Almerich is today an incredibly modern and futuristic company, providing for some of the best design pieces you will ever see in the marketplace.

Merging tradition with contemporaneity has always been something that Almerich would strive to achieve and this is exactly why they constantly search for sophistication in their craftsmanship, always bringing furniture to a new level, serving not only people that can expend huge amounts of money on their pieces, but also normal people who can derive quite a lot of inspiration from such good work. Hope, passion, fulfilment and timeless design are the key values that drive Almerich to do better and it definitely shows in their efforts to produce some of the best pieces in the world.


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