Rossato isn't afraid to show what they strive to achieve; their website immediately greets you with a "Masterpieces of Elegance" collection, a name you could only give to something once you are sure of its excellence. What's great is that Rossato is indeed sure of the excellence of their products and the brand has proven time and time again how things can be taken to the next level. Founded in 1969, the company knows about the latest trends and technologies and they claimed to have used it all in their products.

As the CEO of the company claims: "If we haven't used it, it hasn't been invented yet." That's quite a statement to make, because there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of ways one could process is work in professional ways and claiming to have seen it all talks about the expertise that such an industry can portray.

As an Italian company founded near Padua, Rossato started just like everybody else: a family's love affair with design work. As times progressed and the modern era dawned onto us though, things got tricky, to the point where Rossato had to revolutionize itself. That's when the company found about its passion for experimenting with new technologies.


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