llll Light is a collection of sculptural LED lights, something that isn't definitely to be seen in every design saloon and most definitely in most houses, which makes the collection all that much more intriguing and interesting. Knitted fabrics and frames come together to form concepts that only the human mind could come up with, especially in the conceptual stage, but also during production. The beauty of these pieces lies exactly in the challenges that one is bound to face as soon as they want to bring an idea that is so strong, but also so hard to realize to the market.

These lighting pieces are really nothing to sneeze at, because they not only look gorgeous on their own, they provide for some of the best lighting you could have in your home. Full stop. The suspended lamps swirl and twirl to create this twisty sensation and a feeling of imaginary dreamland, somewhere we could never land in if it wasn't for our imagination. Needless to say, llll Light is a project that stands on its own when talking about interior design and there's nothing that could possibly come even remotely close to what it does for the community.

Llll Light

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