A great Italian design company, Gazzotti stand by the "Made in Italy" badge with great pride and honour, having served their clients for well over a century now. Their company is today the fusion of two original companies: gazzotti and idee&parquet;. Gazzotti serves the whole world in offering their superior Italian quality flooring and furniture design, providing fro great industrial capabilities, as well as timeless designs. Their work is fairly understated, with classical looking products and classy projects, but there's definitely that one product that stands out here and there.

The wooden floors that Gazzotti produces, together with the expertise of what once was idee&parquet; (ideas and parquet flooring), are simply a remarkable example of great experience in the field, with their lush look and their incredible scent. This is probably the area in which Gazzotti provides for the best quality and it really shows on their website, where they highlight the flooring as one of the main features. Overall, Gazzotti is a great company, one that really knows what it's doing, especially when it comes to technological prowess: in fact, many companies could boast to have opened a laboratory in Italy and having started out business, but not so many can say to have expanded in the whole world at scale, like Gazzotti did.


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