Fos is all about ceramics and the way they are treated. Born as a rather original idea from founders Mazzotti and Ioannou, the company's headquarters are to be found in a small city in Italy called Faenza, a city that's especially known for its mastering of ceramics. After 30 years of activity in the market, Fos now offers an unparalleled technological heritage, with products that range from quirky vases with holes in them to stylish, high-end ceramic work. Lines and curves meet to find new harmony in Fos's collections, where things like marine algae are represented in artistic ways.

There's a lot going on in terms of creative endeavor at Fos, with pieces are rather bizarre to the eye, but who certainly get to your heart, sometimes literally so (they have a product that goes by the name of "Cuore", which translates to heart in English, represented by an anatomically correct envisioning of a heart with different features to choose from). Their exclusive designs are interesting exactly because of their quirkiness, something that speaks volumes about how things are handled at the conceptual stage. There must be a lot of brainstorming in order to get these ideas out to the general public and, honestly, we couldn't ask for anything better than this.


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