It all started with a famous beanbag designed in 1998 by Finnish designer Jukka Setälä. Although Fatboy started out as a small design lab that focused on just a few beanbags above all, the company offers much more than that nowadays. Outdoor carpeting, hammocks, poufs, tables, cabinets, lighting, you name it. Fatboy truly expanded to become one of the most easily recognizable brands in the world and this thanks to the little badge that ornates every single product they make. In fact, all Fatboy products come with a small, rectangular red badge that looks sharp and contextual to what's being sold. The original beanbag is still going strong while other products are added to the ever expanding collections every single year.

Fatboy is quite clearly a playful, silly design company, but don't let that fool you; quality is a non-issue with these products. Even though they are colorfoul and vibrant, the products are all built using strict guidelines and quality controls that assure the best furniture experience one could ask for. Fatboy products have a distinctive look to them that makes them instantly stand out in any room.


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