Cadoro is a luxury hotel to be found in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The name, which is officially written Ca'd'Oro is taken from the name of a luxurious palace in Venice, where guests would be welcomed in an extraordinary way. In Venetian, Ca'd'Oro literally means "House of Gold", which is exactly what the hotel has been trying to reproduce with their top-quality materials and services. Their tradition in accommodation and in welcoming people to Brazil has been recognized many times over, with a high rating on sites such as Tripadvisor and Booking. This means that Cadoro really cares about their guests, especially those that are looking to know more about the biggest city in Brazil.

Guests can expect luxury services such as an exclusive swimming pool, a library, an internal gym, a classy bar, room service, and exceptional spa treatments. This portrays the image of a hotel that wants to be more than just a hotel, but rather a full experience. They want to be something more than just your average luxury hotel, bringing everything they do to a "golden standard", as the name implies. The location is perfect for sightseeing and tourist attractions, meaning that you're always one step closer to Sao Paulo's tradition.


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